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‘CALEBRE’: Consumer-Appealing
Low Energy Technologies for
Building Retrofitting

Test house

3 bedroom semi-detached house to 1930s specifications
Testing to be carried out in the winter of 2010/2011

Previous Research

A two-bed heat pump system has been
demonstrated in the laboratory
Plate heat exchanger adsorption
Air source
Powered by an electric heater

Comparison of Technologies


  •  Funded by the EPSRC and E.ON
  • Coordinated by Loughborough
  • Variety of energy saving products to be
    retrofitted to a test house at Nottingham
    University, including:
    Electric heat pump
    Vacuum glazing
    Nano-particle insulation
  • Warwick’s role is to demonstrate a gas heat

To view the  full case study press here.

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