SIRAC addresses a key strategy for UK PLC; technical innovation for long term profitability and a clean environment.

The challenge is to increase innovation funding to the same level as in Japan and Germany, to enable us to compete globally in the 21st century.

For the UK RAC industry the key challenge and opportunity is to provide  low carbon efficient cooling with increasing  temperatures. Currently, RAC systems contribute about 10% of greenhouse gas emissions and about 16% of all electricity used in the UK. To achieve large scale carbon reductions the industry must innovate.

Traditionally, innovation has been by select companies, research organisations and universities.  However, with new Government funding, there is now a great opportunity for all to benefit.  But How?

SIRAC was established by the RAC industry in 2008 with the support of EPSCR funding to address these issues through a self sustaining network.  Now part of the Institute of Refrigeration it offers opportunities for industry and academic researchers to promote new carbon-saving technology in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. It brings together the combined might of  RAC research workers with industry innovators. Working together as a network has increases the flow of information between those with problems to solve and those with the ideas to solve them.

Meetings are innovative, informative and highly interactive. They are open to all and participants make valuable contacts and extend their knowledge of how to address issues of sustainability in our sector.  Members pool their ideas to increase the speed with which industry’s issues can be addressed, formulate collaborative bids for research funding and share success.

Founding members

SIRAC was established in 2008 by a consortium of the following Universities and industry bodies:

Founding Members

Brunel University www.brunel.ac.uk
Building Research Establishment www.bre.co.uk
City University www.city.ac.uk
Institute of Refrigeration www.ior.org.uk
London South Bank University www.lsbu.ac.uk
Newcastle University www.ncl.ac.uk
University of Birmingham www.bham.ac.uk
University of Bristol www.bristol.ac.uk
University of Cambridge www.cam.ac.uk
University of Exeter www.exeter.ac.uk
University of Oxford www.eng.ox.ac.uk
University of Nottingham www.nottingham.ac.uk
University of Ulster www.ulster.ac.uk
University of Warwick www.warwick.ac.uk

Corporate Members

Aleph Zero Ltd www.alephzero.co.uk
Cooltech Applications www.weenter.com
DECC www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-of-energy-climate-change
Elstat Electronics Ltd www.elstatgroup.com
Henry Technology www.henrytech.co.uk
J&E Hall www.jehall.co.uk
JTL Systems Ltd www.jtl.co.uk
LH PLC www.lh-plc.co.uk
Lubrizol Limited www.lubrizol.com
Overton Recycling Ltd www.overtonrecycling.com
Refrigeration Development & Testing www.rdandt.co.uk
Star Refrigeration www.star-ref.co.uk
Titian Engineering www.titan-engineering.co.uk
Vulkan Lokring Rohrverbindungen www.vulkan.com
WR Refrigeration www.wrref.com/