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Welcome to SIRAC

SIRAC is a networking organisation for promoting new technology in refrigeration, air conditioning and heating – increasing the flow of information between those with problems to solve and those with the ideas to solve them.

Research Projects

Browse our site to see examples of innovation in practice and collaborative research projects. We also have information from past networking meetings and tours. If you would like to take part in the network and join us a future meetings become a member or book on your first meeting to come along and find out more about how we work.

Research projects

Efficient Heating

Efficient heating systems can save a significant amount of resources especially when calculating over longer periods of time, such as a year or 2. Households within the UK are motivated to shift towards the more efficient central heating systems since the cost of gas keeps rising. For this reason we are partnering with a local boiler servicing company to bring in positive changes within the household heating industry.

Research projects
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