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A 5m3 Solar Refrigerator


  •  The U.S. Army soldier’s daily fuel use
    has risen from 1→16 gallons since WW2
  • July 25 2006, Maj. Gen. Richard Zilmer
    sent the Pentagon a “Priority 1” request…
    for “a self-sustainable energy solution
    including “solar panels and wind turbines
  • 60,000 US army personnel to transport fuel

Project initiation

  • Funding was available for ATMI to
    develop a solar thermal powered
    refrigerated container using their carbon
  • The carbon is produced in monolithic
    plates, has high conductivity and porosity
    but low permeability
  • ATMI selected Warwick to partner them
    in this project

Project brief

  • Product is a stand-alone chilled (5 C)
    container, 5m3
  • 2 beds with heat and mass recovery
  • Evacuated tube collectors 10m2
  • Ice storage for cold
  • One year from concept to test!

Design -system schematic

Standard container

To view the  full case study click here.

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